LiquidPixels Management Team

LiquidPixels CEO Stephen Kristy

Stephen Kristy

Chief Executive Officer

Steve guides LiquidPixels with three decades of digital imaging experience. He brings expertise and a proven track record of leadership to the development and integration of imaging software and hardware.

Prior to founding LiquidPixels with Marc Spencer, Steve was a Director at, helping to lead the world’s largest imaging company into the digital millennium. While there, he co‑managed the creation of the Photo CD System at Eastman Kodak Company and the follow‑on FlashPix™ standard. He was integral in uniting Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, LivePicture, and Kodak to this open imaging specification.

Steve holds degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Bucknell University, and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

LiquidPixels CTO Marc Spencer

Marc Spencer

Chief Technical Officer

Marc leads the development of the LiquidPixels product base and service infrastructure. He has extensive expertise in software, hardware, systems architecture design and integration, image processing, and color management, with a focus on distributed network systems, firewall design, and administration.

Marc was the co‑author of the Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP). He has a strong publishing and typographic background from Xerox and Spencer & Associates Publishing, Ltd, which have fed into the extraordinary workflow and publishing advantages of LiquiFire dynamic imaging solutions.

While Marc was Senior Internet Systems Architect at Eastman Kodak, implementing Web‑based imaging architectures for imaging applications, he met Steve Kristy. They founded LiquidPixels in 2000 in order to bring a fundamentally better method of online imaging to the world.

LiquidPixels Director of Customer Support Don Frye

Don Frye

Director, Customer Support

Don Frye brings over two decades of experience in technical support, with many of those years leading high-performing support teams. Prior to joining LiquidPixels, Don led teams at several companies widely recognized for their impact on e-commerce.

With strong passion for the overall support experience, Don places focus on making customers successful with LiquidPixels products and services. He has experience with practices such as ITIL and methodologies such as Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS), which ensure a consistent, complete experience for every LiquidPixels customer.

When Don is away from work, he has a number of varied interests, including playing competitive sports and volunteering on the board of a charity that helps local families affected by autism.

LiquidPixels Director of Sales Bruce Owens

Bruce Owens

Director, Sales

Thrust into the world of tech sales during the dotcom boom, Bruce has had hands-on experience with emerging technologies and markets over the past 20 years.

Bruce brings his philosophy of partnering with customers to LiquidPixels. He knows that no single approach to managing relationships is right for each customer. Mixing methodologies and communication technologies he ensures every LiquidPixels customer is getting the world-class support LiquidPixels is known for.

Often recognized for his leadership skills, Bruce has an integral part of the success of some of Boston’s most heralded companies. He has also built acknowledged sales teams for some of Boston’s most ambitious startups.

Bruce shares his passion for animal rights issues with many of his LiquidPixels coworkers. He is active in support of many 501c no kill shelters and organizations supporting the education of matters affecting animals.

LiquidPixels Director of Marketing Sarah Flynn

Sarah Flynn

Director, Marketing

Sarah drives the marcom platform for LiquidPixels. A seasoned marketing professional and management consultant, Sarah has two decades of experience in emerging technologies and disruptive software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Prior to joining LiquidPixels, Sarah spent twelve years in financial technology (FinTech) SaaS supporting the largest investment fund promoters in the U.S., U.K., and Europe. She provided strategic marketing, product development, and subject matter expertise to FinTech companies that served the asset management space. In addition to FinTech, Sarah was a marketing strategist for several emerging SaaS firms.

Sarah is an alumna of Emerson and Babson Colleges. Outside of work, she is an accomplished multi-sport endurance athlete, pop culture enthusiast, and ice cream connoisseur.