Smarter Imagery with LiquiFire Resolve Press Release

ROCHESTER, NY – PRWEB – April 25, 2016 – The world’s leader in dynamic imaging has announced its latest contribution to the ever-changing e-commerce world with the release of LiquidPixels LiquiFire® Resolve.

LiquiFire Resolve dynamically optimizes images in any web page, regardless of the requesting device. These high quality images are delivered as efficiently as possible to all devices, even those with HiDPI displays, including Retina® displays. LiquiFire Resolve automatically requests an image from the LiquiFire Operating System with the most appropriate resolution, taking into account the presented dimensions of the image and the target device’s pixel ratio. LiquiFire Resolve adapts to all pixel densities on all devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

Noted as a rich media vendor leader, LiquidPixels, a dynamic imaging solution provider, is continuously working to provide the businesses and people of the e-commerce industry with the latest technology that allows them to have crisp, clear, and visually appealing imagery without the hassle of managing thousands of images manually.

“LiquiFire Resolve is a perfect example of technology providing the ideal tradeoff. Images can be presented on any device – balancing network bandwidth, image quality, and performance – automatically.” [Marc Spencer, LiquidPixels CTO]

LiquidPixels has been providing dynamic imaging solutions to the e-commerce industry for more than 15 years and holds numerous key patents. In that time, they have revolutionized website responsiveness through their cutting-edge software that addresses the top two areas of growth: e-commerce platforms and mobile commerce technology (according to Internet Retailer).

The LiquiFire Operating System, a comprehensive dynamic imaging solution that provides high-quality interactive imaging for even the most image-rich e-commerce sites, was recently updated to provide dramatically increased rendering speed, enhanced image editing capabilities, and art-quality color management. LiquiFire dynamic imaging solutions are designed to efficiently deliver images across the ever-growing spectrum of devices, screen sizes, and resolutions in use today.