LiquidPixels and Experlogix Help Malibu Boats Float Above the Rest

Rochester, NY — (PRWEB) — June 14, 2016 — Experlogix has enabled Malibu Boats dealers to create their own custom boats powered by LiquidPixels dynamic imaging solutions.

LiquidPixels LiquiFire Operating System (OS) is an enterprise-class solution set to offer on-demand dynamic imaging for all applications, meaning that an image is not generated until the instant it is requested. The collaboration between LiquidPixels and Experlogix benefits customers such as Malibu Boats who want to bring extraordinary customization to their customers.

For Malibu Boats and similar companies, having their customers see the exact image based on their custom requests is key to online sales. Choosing your boat color, or model, and seeing an actual image of what you would like to purchase along with the cost associated for that specific customization is all part of ensuring a premium dealer experience.

“The complexity of our boats changes from model to model - and order to order,” says Greg Casteel, Senior Business Systems and Process Analyst, Malibu Boats. “The Experlogix rules engine makes it possible to create rules where only permissible order configurations can be developed. And I can see the changes dynamically with LiquiFire OS. One of the biggest benefits of the combined system is that dealers can be sitting on the showroom floor with a laptop, or at a boat show with a tablet and configure an order. That flexibility is huge.”

Experlogix seamlessly integrates CRM, ERP, and CPQ systems so that a person can mix and match different components to generate an image and cost associated with their desired customizations. Experlogix's best in class solutions comprise industry-leading full cycle quote and order automation. Within the configurator environment, users benefit from real-time guidance and validation according to customizable rules and formulas, which can now also control a dynamically generated image. For instance, the Experlogix CPQ solution can automatically apply colors to a product rendering based on customer preferences stored within a host CRM or ERP system, or prevent incompatible finishes from being selected based on which materials a user has chosen. LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS is incorporated to establish the dynamic imaging capabilities. With extensive end-user input, LiquiFire OS powers configuration environments seamless across devices and platforms, and will render images in production ready formations (including scalable vector graphics).