Continuing to Bring Dynamic Imaging to E-Commerce through New Channels and Partners.

ROCHESTER, NY – PRWEB – June 23, 2016 – The Rochester-based company that introduced the world to dynamic imaging 16 years ago is continuing to revolutionize the idea of personalization and customization in the e-commerce industry through strategic partnerships. CurveCommerce, a company combining the power of Magento with superior marketing techniques and consolidated email services, has joined the LiquidPixels Partner Program.

Based on the LiquidPixels LiquiFire® Operating System (OS)™, CurveCommerce has created a Magento platform extension for personalizing online products. The main area of focus will be within email services. This extension will give CurveCommerce customers the opportunity to have dynamic imaging in their customer emails programs.

“We wanted something that would integrate well with our systems and provide more strategic assistance to our customers’ email programs,” said Bob Noren, president, CurveCommerce. “[Having] the capability to reorder personalized items and go back to their account area and see their images with their customization is a huge feature for our customers. We can provide that to them through the LiquiFire Operating System.”

According to Noren, his technical team did an in-depth study of multiple technologies. They landed on the LiquidPixels Partner Program for a number of reasons including but not limited to reasonable price points, experienced technical support, and highly effective and intuitive demonstrations online. “LiquidPixels is our dynamic imaging provider of choice,” said Noren. “Based on their dynamic imaging expertise and the great communication from their technical people to their sales people over to us, it was the best fit for us and our customers.”

LiquidPixels has been providing dynamic imaging solutions to the e-commerce industry for more than 16 years. In that time, they have revolutionized website responsiveness through their cutting-edge software that addresses the top two areas of growth (according to Internet Retailer): e-commerce platforms and mobile commerce technology. LiquiFire Operating System, a comprehensive dynamic imaging solution that provides high-quality interactive imaging for the most image-rich e-commerce sites, offers up to 400% greater rendering speed, tremendous imaging capabilities, and art-quality color management and is designed to support imaging across the fluctuating spectrum of devices.

CurveCommerce is an e-commerce online marketing and strategic consulting company that helps retailers worldwide gain competitive advantage by efficiently delivering an exceptional experience to their customers via e-commerce websites, consulting services, mobile application development along with design and usability best practice recommendations. Available as best of breed solutions or as a comprehensive integrated offering, CurveCommerce solutions are supported with a choice of comprehensive and industry-knowledgeable professional services.

LiquidPixels is leading the imaging revolution. Built on open standards, its LiquiFire® dynamic imaging solutions integrate into existing web and workflow environments, enhancing product creation and visualization while reducing production costs. LiquidPixels makes its patented technology available as a hosted service or via on-site enterprise servers with solutions that may be tailored to each customer’s unique needs.