Custom Configurators give new life to Italy's Save My Bag product line.

ROCHESTER, NY – April 5, 2017 – LiquidPixels is pleased to announce its latest partnership with BeUnico, provider of an online custom configurator that allows its e-commerce clients to create and show customizable products. Starting from a single image, shoppers can create endless variations and customizations with photorealistic quality.

Powered by LiquidPixels LiquiFire Operating System (OS), BeUnico has signed on Save My Bag. According to co-owners of BeUnico, Camilla Vinciguerra and Federigo Wetter, the Save My Bag project started when Vinciguerra saw Save My Bag products at Milans’ airport.

“Save My Bag has many shops in many airports around the world,” said Vinciguerra. “I thought they would benefit from BeUnico’s custom configurator because they produce bags in many colors and prints and can be customized with different accessories.”

Vinciguerra contacted the digital marketing manager of Save My Bag and the project started immediately. Prior to BeUnico and LiquidPixels, the “Miss Bag” product could only be customized in their stores. Customers can now visit, design a bag, and see it in multiple views. Save My Bag was so impressed with the quality of the custom configurator, they decided to implement the ability to add accessories to the bag as well.

BeUnico uses LiquidPixels patented LiquiFire OS dynamic imaging software to create the customized product images. “Being able to visualize a customizable product in real-time greatly increases the likelihood of a shopper becoming a buyer,” confirms Steve Kristy, LiquidPixels CEO.

“We chose LiquidPixels as our partner because of the quality of the generated images and their many available features,” said Wetter. “A big factor is their innovative texture draping system. Thanks to LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS, the product images are generated in real-time, with realistic photo quality, and available in every desired resolution (from high-res for zoom to low-res thumbnails for the shopping cart).”

Save My Bag also uses BeUnico's configurator to design new combinations of colors and materials, lowering the number of prototypes to make. From Save My Bag’s back-end it’s possible to change the cover, the base, and the handles of each bag (and add accessories). With the upload tool and the color picker tool, Save My Bag can manage new materials, colors, and textures on their own.

Using the BeUnico technology, Save My Bag greatly reduced the amount of still photography work and product images post-production. Now Save My Bag is able to quickly generate photos for printed catalogues, banners, and graphics.