Schutt Sports New Configurator with LiquiFire OS

ROCHESTER, NY – PRWEB – May 23, 2017 – LiquidPixels is proud to announce that Schutt Sports, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of protective sports equipments, has launched their new website with dynamic imaging features powered by LiquidPixels LiquiFire Operating System (OS).

Schutt Sports now offers personalized products on their new website thanks to LiquidPixels custom product configurator. Schutt Sports recognized customers’ demand for real-time product customization. Through the magic of dynamic imaging, LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS delivers a wide range of “product configurators.” These configurators enable shoppers to quickly design a nearly unlimited range of product concepts and preview them instantly online.

At, shoppers can mix, match, add, and delete personalized touches to their selected products, interactively visualizing the customization process. Beginning with football and batters helmets, LiquidPixels Dynamic Imaging Solutions give Schutt Sports customers the personal touch they demand. Retailers, interior designers, manufacturers, marketers, or any online business that relies heavily on images can benefit from these solutions.

“Kids, parents, and coaches will greatly benefit from being able to visualize their gear exactly as they designed it,” said LiquidPixels CEO, Steve Kristy. “We’re excited to be breaking new ground with Schutt Sports providing interactive design for their customers.”

The new website, went live in March and according to Beckmann is already showing exciting upticks in website traffic and sales.

“Custom sports gear is what we do better than anyone else,” said Glenn Beckmann, Schutt Sports Director of Marketing Communications. “It only made sense to allow our customers to customize their own gear and see on our new website exactly what they are purchasing.”