ROCHESTER, NY — November 19, 2018 — LiquidPixels, the global leader for dynamic imaging solutions to the e-commerce industry, and RotoImage, innovators of interactive, rotating product photography, are proud to announce a new partnership.

LiquidPixels LiquiFire® Operating System (OS) empowers e-commerce companies to incorporate dynamic imaging into their websites and emails. This enterprise-class functionality enables online shoppers to quickly create and view custom products before purchasing. RotoImage Technology is the seamless combination of hardware and software used to transform traditional photos into interactive, rotating product photography.

“We are very excited about our partnership with RotoImage,” says Steve Kristy, CEO of LiquidPixels. “Merging the 360° product photography from RotoImage and the colorization and draping technologies of LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS is a powerful combination. Additionally, our LiquidPixels LiquiFire Viewer Suite™ delivers interactive motion, zoom-and-pan, and multi-axis photography solutions for every screen size and resolution. By merging the core technologies of LiquidPixels and RotoImage, customers can see products rotating 360° in X, Y, and Z directions—in real time.”

The LiquidPixels-RotoImage partnership is positioned ideally for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with large inventories or with items too fragile to ship. Available as an onsite service, RotoImage will set up a Roto studio to photograph products. The images will then be optimized with LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS.

“360 Rotos are the most requested type of product photography,” notes Jeremy Regoto, Co-Founder of RotoImage. “By combining our Rotos with the advanced imaging capabilities of LiquiFire OS, we can give customers brilliant, realistic 360 imagery that looks like they are holding the product in their own hands.” Scalable and fully responsive, the solutions provided by LiquidPixels and RotoImage automatically respond to any screen size, thus improving the overall user experience and driving e-commerce sales.