LiquidPixels Adds Customers and Employees

ROCHESTER – August 1, 2017 – Customization and personalization are at the top of everyone’s mind when it comes to e-commerce and buying/selling products online. As the leading provider of dynamic imaging solutions, LiquidPixels is growing to continue to meet the needs of existing customers and establishing the bar of customizing products online for a better shopping experience.

“As LiquidPixels continues its trend of double-digit growth, we need to stay ahead of the curve by adding staff to support areas key to the success of our customers,” said Marc Spencer, LiquidPixels co-founder and CTO. “I enjoy seeing all areas of the company grow — Sales, Support, Development, Q/A, Documentation, etc. — as the company expands its customer base.”

The most recent addition to LiquidPixels is Don Frye, the new Director of Customer Support. He brings new ideas and insight to a well-established team with more than 15 years of experience. With his background in technical support and demonstrated leadership, LiquidPixels is excited for what Don will add to the team. His main focus will be on making LiquidPixels customers successful with our enterprise-level solutions.

LiquidPixels Customer Support is just one of several behind-the-scenes teams that works to ensure the success of our customers. With white-gloved service from Customer Support, technical training for creating LiquiFire Image Chains, and a lucrative partner program, LiquidPixels offers more solutions and services at a better cost than any other dynamic imaging provider. As the top provider, LiquidPixels provides true dynamic imaging and teaches its customers how to successfully integrate LiquiFire OS within their existing workflow. That’s what makes us different and why top e-commerce retailers choose LiquidPixels.