ROCHESTER, NY — (PRWEB) —January 9, 2006 — LiquidPixels, Inc., the leader in dynamic imaging, announced the selection of its LiquiFire product by Hat World, Inc. to power personalized product creation for “Lids Create Your Own” custom hat creation Web site LiquiFire enables Hat World’s online customers to interactively design and visualize their custom‑created hat products.

“As part of our commitment to providing a world‑class online shopping experience to our customers, LiquidPixels LiquiFire Imaging solution will make it simple for us to give our customers interactive design capabilities,” said Tim Kabrich, Hat World’s Senior Director of Internet Operations.

“Online customers are many times more likely to buy a product, especially a customized product, when they can see the item just as it will be delivered,” said Steve Kristy, CEO of LiquidPixels. “Hat World joins our growing list of customers who have dramatically increased their conversion rates by understanding that visualization is key for the online buyer.”

Hat World expects its new Web site to go live in the first quarter of 2006.