Charlottesville, VA, and Rochester, NY — (PRWEB) — June 11, 2008 — LiquidPixels, Inc. and Crutchfield Corporation are pleased to announce Crutchfield’s adoption of LiquidPixels’ LiquiFire, a revolutionary technology that is enabling new strategies to expand’s reputation as a leader in Internet retail. Speed of implementation, effortless integration with other tools and scalability were the primary drivers in the selection of dynamic imaging solutions.

“Our technical team is a distinct competitive advantage for us,” said John Haydock, senior vice president of marketing and creative at Crutchfield. “Not only have they recognized a better than 50% increase in productivity with LiquiFire, they are adding features to the Web site that we couldn’t even consider before. One strategy has already delivered a significant increase in conversion from casual sightseer to customer.”

Crutchfield, which introduced the highly regarded Crutchfield catalog in 1974, complements its expertise in car and home entertainment products with an extensive, award“winning Internet presence. In addition to the image“rich shopping experience that promotes the 7,000 products available on, is an all“information Web site that serves as a single comprehensive source about consumer electronics. In the past, Crutchfield stored 8“9 image sizes for every photo on the two sites. With LiquiFire, a single image is dynamically scaled to the exact dimension needed, increasing design flexibility and eliminating manual image manipulation.

“Rapid implementation is key in the world of dynamic imaging,” said Steve Kristy, CEO of LiquidPixels. “With sites as large as Crutchfield’s “ with tens of thousands of images “ it’s easiest to add functionality incrementally. The Crutchfield team began adding new pages and text overlays on their first day and quickly scaled up the rest of this large, dynamic site. Their rapid grasp of LiquiFire’s capabilities propelled them from basics to innovative applications for the technology in no time. It’s a pleasure to watch industry experts leverage LiquidPixels’ LiquiFire portfolio of products to such advantage.”