Trinidad, CO, and Rochester, NY — (PRWEB) — December 14, 2009 — Danielson Designs, Ltd. and LiquidPixels, Inc. are pleased to announce Danielson Designs’ adoption of LiquidPixels LiquiFire Dynamic Imaging Platform on their recently launched Web site, Danielson Designs is an award winning personalized products company specializing in home décor and gifts. By equipping TheStudio with LiquiFire, Danielson Designs enhanced their customers’ shopping experience with compelling visualization of their custom products.

“LiquiFire has made possible an exciting interactive design environment for personalized products that we had dreamed about for years,” said Danielson Designs co‑owner and President, Mark Danielson. “Our shoppers can now create a customized product and purchase that product with confidence knowing exactly how it will look.”

LiquiFire technology allows shoppers to customize any product and see it instantly. “Due to the tight integration between the LiquiFire platform and our back end, it’s basically one touch from the consumer to the person who creates the product,” said Danielson.

Cindy Gall, Danielson Designs’ Director of Information Technology, investigated ways to better showcase the products on their new site. Her goals were to enable more of their product line with individual customization and to improve process time, while simultaneously providing a fun and creative shopping experience.

“The guys at LiquidPixels have been great!” said Gall. “We were able to test LiquiFire in our environment, including preliminary training before we purchased. LiquidPixels’ solution was far more cost effective than every other offering we saw.” In addition to their amazing customer service, Gall was impressed with the ease with which LiquidPixels integrated LiquiFire into their applications and the overall robustness of the technology.

“The learning curve with LiquiFire was very short,” she said. “Anybody with basic knowledge of art or Web design can pick this up quickly.”

LiquidPixels’ CEO, Steve Kristy, was pleased to hear that Danielson Designs was benefiting from the use of LiquiFire. “While Dynamic Imaging technology is rapidly becoming a best practice for leading on‑line retailers, it is table‑stakes for driving sales of customized products such as those offered by Danielson Designs. When a shopper invests the time to create a special personalized gift, they want the confidence from seeing exactly how the finished product will look prior to placing the order.”

Due to the tremendous response from their customers, Danielson Designs plans to expand the product line on which customers can put their own personal touch. “We have had huge feedback,” Danielson said. “People just fall in love with the site.”