Online Imaging Pioneer Releases New Standard in Technology

Rochester, NY — (PRWEB) — September 24, 2015 — The Rochester-based company that introduced the world to dynamic imaging 15 years ago is continuing to lead their field worldwide. LiquidPixels, Inc. has just released the next generation of LiquiFire Imaging Server and LiquiFire Operating System. These products provide high quality interactive imaging for the most image-rich e-commerce sites on the web. This release offers up to 400% more rendering speed, tremendous imaging capabilities, and art-quality color management and is designed to support imaging across the fluctuating spectrum of devices.

LiquidPixels continually refines their products, both LiquiFire Imaging Server and LiquiFire Operating System, and pushes updates to customers regularly. This next generation release, however, presents a significant leap forward in the scope of image processing. Because LiquidPixels custom configures the imaging servers on which their proprietary software runs, wholesale changes to the hardware, as well as to the programming itself, represent a unique opportunity. Marc Spencer, CTO and co-founder, says, “By reinventing the server platform itself, we were able to introduce rendering speeds that have been unheard-of in our industry until now.”

There are real end-user benefits to changes of this magnitude. Complex features, such as photo-accurate fabric draping, can provide a compelling shopping experience that drives a user to make a purchase. By increasing the core rendering speed by up to a factor of four, LiquidPixels has made this type of application more accessible to its clients” increasingly mobile shopper base.

LiquidPixels has already begun working with existing clients and partners to upgrade their LiquiFire products to this next generation in online imaging.