ROCHESTER, NY — PRWEB — December 6, 2013 — On Monday, December 2, 2013, the United States set a new record: $1.735 billion in e‑commerce sales, the highest ever in a single day. Consumer confidence in online purchases has risen as retailers implement compelling online imaging experiences that replicate or exceed the in‑store experience. Reflecting this rise in demand, Dynamic imaging provider LiquidPixels, Inc. reported that activity in its U.S. data centers was up 224% over the same holiday weekend last year.

One of the factors accounting for this dramatic increase in dynamically served images is the increasing popularity of mobile devices (IBM reported that Cyber Monday mobile sales were up an estimated 55% from 2012). Serving high‑quality images over slower bandwidth speeds and to small displays has historically been a pain point for retailers. Automatic image resizing and reformatting delivered by a dynamic imaging solution such as LiquidPixels LiquiFire solves the issue. It is also considered best practice for achieving truly responsive images within responsive design.

Critical to the e‑commerce boom, interactive online imaging increases shopper‑to‑buyer conversion rates as well as average transaction size. Such online imaging experiences have traditionally been hardest to achieve for custom products, even as customization has become a key differentiator for online retailers. Dynamic imaging has made it possible for a consumer on any device to view personalized products exactly as they will be delivered, providing a clear competitive advantage over traditional brick and mortar. By making features like image re‑colorization, fabric draping, and 360 product views available on any platform — as well as by automating the web‑to‑print process — dynamic imaging has become the ideal solution for merchants pursuing an omnichannel retail strategy.