Norwalk Furniture and LiquidPixels Join Forces

“Ideally, every shopper would like Candice to come to their home to show her designs,” said Reyna Moore, Norwalk Furniture”s Director of Marketing. “We”ve delivered the next best thing, bringing Candice”s well‑known design sense and approach together in a new way for shoppers. Visitors” selections are instantly visualized with LiquidPixels” solutions, combining their favorite furniture piece and fabric from Candice”s collection into a customized presentation. We”re bringing an interactive, artistic and fun approach to online shopping—which is exactly what fans of Candice Olson will expect.”

LiquidPixels” LiquiFire Dynamic Imaging solutions enable visitors, both on‑line and mobile, to view high‑resolution photos of all furniture in the collection in every available fabric and color. Visitors can interactively inspect the fine details of fabric texture, and pan across the images to explore overall design.

“We”re excited about this collaboration with Norwalk Furniture and the Candice Olson Collection. LiquiFire is the ideal solution to help consumers visualize products on‑line and make informed choices about their purchases,” said Steve Kristy, LiquidPixels” CEO. “Visitors benefit from the tremendous value of Candice”s design expertise, combined with the flexibility to view almost limitless options before they buy. Norwalk Furniture has delivered an innovative way to merchandise the collection, coupled with the economy of producing hundreds of different images dynamically, on‑demand from a single photograph.”

“We were immediately impressed with everything about LiquidPixels,” Moore said. “It”s been so easy doing business with them. They have exceptional customer support and the technology is amazing. The quality and sharpness of the images make it seem like you can almost feel the textures of the fabrics. Customers love it! Their products allow us to focus on our core business while they enable a shopping experience that enhances the brand of the Candice Olson Collection.”