Rochester, NY — (PRWEB) — December 09, 2011 — LiquidPixels, Inc., preeminent provider of rich media solutions for E‑Commerce, is pleased to see long‑time customer Heritage Auctions in the spotlight with the premier of ABC’s “The Great Big American Auction” (Thursday, December 8, 2011).

Assisted by the experts at Heritage Auctions, star Ty Pennington changes people’s lives by revealing the extraordinary value of what they thought were ordinary finds. The auctioned items will be available to view in exquisite detail on and on the Heritage Auctions app for iPhone and iPad — an experience enabled by LiquidPixels’ advanced Dynamic Imaging technology.

For over four years, every image available to members of the Heritage Auctions community has been delivered by LiquiFire®, the powerful server‑side image rendering engine innovated by LiquidPixels. LiquiFire enables Web users to view and manipulate incredibly high‑resolution images at lightning speeds.

“For auction bidders, the ability to see the finest detail of an item is crucial. To meet this need, Heritage Auctions uses product images that are thousands of pixels in dimension. Images this size would paralyze Web browsers using standard methods,” says Brian Carpenter, Heritage Auctions’ V.P. of Information Technology, “but LiquiFire handles them effortlessly.”