ROCHESTER, NY — PRWEB — July 23, 2013 — Accurate custom product visualization is becoming table stakes for e‑commerce. Online retailer SocksRock ( knew its website redesign needed compelling online imaging for its products, some of which may be manufactured in as many as 1,679,616 different color combinations. Additionally, the imaging solution had to integrate with the Shopify e‑commerce platform. Web design firm Creative Guy, Ink identified LiquidPixels LiquiFire® dynamic imaging as the ideal solution due to its powerful server‑side online imaging capabilities and open standards architecture.

“SocksRock was losing business because customers couldn’t picture what they were ordering,” says John Prucha of SocksRock. “The new site, complete with LiquidPixels LiquiFire dynamic imaging, takes the guesswork out of selling customized sportswear.”

With baseball, softball, lacrosse and other teams wanting customized uniforms, SocksRock evolved as a destination for them to visualize their specific color combination on a product before purchase. The site offers build‑your‑own baseball socks and stirrups, softball socks, and cross‑sport socks which are custom‑made for teams. A second phase of the redesign, planned for Q4 2013, will add stitched logo visualization for eligible products.

Brent Bamberger of Creative Guy, Ink found LiquidPixels LiquiFire to be “simple, elegant, and industrial‑strength,” and plans on bringing true on‑demand dynamic imaging to more clients. “Implementing LiquiFire was more than just making SocksRock look better,” says Bamberger. “By enabling real‑time visualization of custom products, we recognized we could help increase customer experience and drive real business value for the retailer.”

“Creative Guy is part of the vanguard of web designers realizing the new online merchandising reality for best‑in‑class retailers. Dynamic imaging is powering the best web experiences out there, on a wide variety of platforms,” says Stephen Kristy, LiquidPixels CEO and co‑founder. “We’re pleased to see SocksRock implement LiquidPixels LiquiFire dynamic imaging within their Shopify storefront; it’s a great example of the flexibility of both systems.”