ROCHESTER, NY — PRWEB — June 3, 2013 — In the first phase of a ground‑up redesign of its public web properties, dynamic imaging provider LiquidPixels, Inc., has launched a new corporate website ( Form and function now reflow automatically to deliver a viewing experience optimized to each visitor’s display. Resize any page of the new website to see responsive web design in action.

One of the primary challenges of responsive web design has been deploying images successfully across devices. LiquidPixels LiquiFire® dynamic imaging solutions provide cross‑platform online imaging support for global e‑commerce customers already. The company’s internal web team applied the same server‑side dynamic image rendering methodology to the website’s images.

Online imaging and mobile devices lack standardization, and accounting for high density images (e.g., Retina or XHDPI displays) led LiquidPixels to develop a new image delivery method that represents a tremendous functional improvement for responsive web design.

LiquiFire dynamic imaging servers are fed the image’s maximum width for the responsive web page, and then the display device’s pixel resolution. With those two pieces of data, LiquiFire can deliver the appropriately sized image at the appropriate density, generated from one master image.

The technique of rendering all images on the fly from a single source is at the heart of LiquiFire true on‑demand dynamic imaging. This method presents unique benefits to image asset acquisition, publishing, and maintenance, and saves costs across the enterprise.

The next phase of LiquidPixels’ responsive website redesign project will be the release of an all new Product Demos component. In addition to enabling seamless delivery across platforms, devices and displays, this new environment will showcase the extensive image modification capabilities of LiquiFire dynamic imaging and allow visitors to play in real time.