Rochester, NY — (PRWEB) — September 11, 2012

LiquidPixels, Inc. and Rapid Marketplace are pleased to announce a partnership adding true on‑demand dynamic imaging capabilities to an effective, innovative e‑commerce and mobile commerce solution set.

Rapid Marketplace customers already benefit from e‑commerce solutions that incorporate accomplished technical SEO with streamlined product showcasing and sales management tools.

With the addition of LiquidPixels LiquiFire® dynamic imaging functionality to their suite, Rapid Marketplace e‑commerce retailers can now enable interactive features such as colorization, fabric draping, 360 views, zoom and pan, and more. This type of product page customization represents a significant competitive edge in an era where the bar to achieving site interest and customer loyalty is being raised ever higher.

Adding custom product configurators to their service offerings is a near‑future goal for Rapid Marketplace, further increasing the value of their suite. “We believe in empowering our clients by putting the very best in online retail applications at their fingertips; behind the scenes, that means always looking ahead to the next sea change in technology,” observes Chad Wilson, Rapid Marketplace President and CTO. “The highly complex yet automated imaging that LiquiFire makes possible is just incredible, and we’re very pleased to bring its power to Rapid Marketplace clients.”

LiquidPixels is at the forefront of online imaging technology, rethinking the way images are processed and delivered on the Web. LiquidPixels LiquiFire dynamic imaging solutions combine speed, complex imaging features like compositing and fabric draping, and ease of integration to power incredible online shopping experiences across the full spectrum of devices.

Both LiquidPixels and Rapid Marketplace are experiencing strong growth as a result of increasing demand among retailers for high‑quality, interactive online imaging, which drastically improves customer satisfaction and conversions, as well as for cost‑saving automation.

LiquidPixels CEO Steve Kristy says, “What Rapid Marketplace is choosing to do for their customers is tremendous: They’re offering to all of their customers, large and small, the sort of advanced dynamic imaging capabilities you see in our top‑tier clients, who represent globally‑recognized brands. It’s this sort of approach that will bring e‑commerce fully into the twenty‑first century and prepare it for the innovations ahead.”