Custom Images, Personalization Increase E-Commerce Conversions

ROCHESTER, NY — PRWEB — JUNE 10, 2014 — E‑commerce leader Netshoes is proof that intelligent application of innovative technology can work wonders for a retailer. Founded in 2000, the company was the first Latin American sporting goods retailer to offer e‑commerce, and went exclusively online in 2007. Now, it’s the largest pure play e‑commerce source for sporting goods in the world and still making headlines with its growth strategy. By incorporating dynamic imaging into its e‑commerce store and personalized e‑mail campaigns, Netshoes is bringing its online retail to the next level.

Fred Vila Verde, Netshoes’ Marketing Director, believes that leading‑edge technologies can help the company reach an expanding global audience while maintaining its personal, customer‑first attitude. The company is partnering with LiquidPixels, the e‑commerce vendor that pioneered dynamic imaging, to add customized images to its Web presence.

Netshoes is already using shopper personalization in its marketing. For instance, on its homepage, logged‑in users see a page customized for them, and e‑mails deliver a personalized message. Now, the online retailer will be using dynamic imaging to add customized images to these campaigns. Using LiquidPixels’ tools, Netshoes can take relevant customer data like name and location and use that data to automatically render a customized image within the e‑mail when the customer opens it. Doing so leverages the data Netshoes already has for high impact, and gives the customers what they want: in a recent survey, 82% of shoppers said they were likely to purchase more from retailers if their marketing e‑mails were personalized.

“When the customer feels more comfortable that you know him, what he likes and that you’re paying attention to him, he is more likely to click through, custom images deliver this message more powerfully than words alone. It’s friendly and a simple change that makes a lot of difference,” says Vila Verde. Friendly and effective: Netshoes has seen significantly higher click rates in their personalized e‑mails now that custom images have been added.

In addition to adding customized images to their personalized marketing campaigns, Netshoes is also capitalizing on one of the primary merchandising benefits of true on‑demand dynamic imaging: live product customization. LiquidPixels LiquiFire dynamic imaging solutions enable the real‑time visualization of changes an online shopper makes to a product, such as choosing a different color combination or entering their name and seeing it stitched on a jersey. Product configurators that allow a preview of the product exactly as it will be delivered have many e‑commerce benefits. They increase customer confidence for higher conversions and reduced returns, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention — always a priority for Netshoes.

For its part, LiquidPixels is glad to see Netshoes taking leadership on the combination of personalization with LiquiFire dynamic imaging. “Many of our clients come to us for visual merchandising applications, such as fabric draping or dynamic text previews for custom products, where the e‑commerce benefits are immediately clear,” says LiquidPixels CEO and co‑founder Steve Kristy. “Netshoes is doing something very smart and very much under‑utilized by the e‑commerce industry by leveraging custom imaging in advertising. I am sure this ahead‑of‑the‑curve thinking, which has brought them so much success, will continue to pay high dividends.”