Customized Apparel Previews Cut Costs, Drive B2B Engagement

ROCHESTER, NY — PRWEB — AUGUST 6, 2014 — A provider of uniquely customized apparel merchandising solutions — including design, sourcing, and fulfillment — Artisans, Inc. found that the missing link in their supply chain was product visualization as high quality as the products themselves. LiquidPixels LiquiFire dynamic imaging turned out to be the powerful tool they needed.

The retailer just launched a new platform enabling live previews of custom products during consultations. Because LiquiFire dynamic imaging works across platforms and devices, brand representatives can use the tool on site with clients, on the road, or at the home office. Artisans CEO Michael Wright says, “As 21st century Artisans, this dynamic imaging solution is vital to our continued growth and success as a company.”

Artisans utilized LiquiFire dynamic imaging to revolutionize internal processes as well as enhance their visual merchandizing. While much of the press around dynamic imaging focuses on B2C applications, the tremendous back-end benefits of the technology are available to any business with online imaging needs. In the custom product industry especially, adopting cutting-edge visualization tools is essential to staying ahead of competitors and earning customer trust.

For Artisans, the visual merchandizing challenge was to provide a way for their sales team to show prospects their customized product instantly, while maintaining the high level of artistic quality around which their brand is centered. LiquiFire’s advanced text handling and image colorization capabilities enabled Artisans to provide photorealistic previews of custom products on demand.

By using LiquiFire dynamic imaging to generate art proofs directly from the online custom product image, Artisans is leveraging their online imaging solution to shorten delivery time and reduce product returns. Additionally, this resource-saving step ensures fidelity to the pre-production product design, increasing customer satisfaction. For now, Artisans is deploying dynamic imaging internally only; they are already thinking of ways it could be extended out in the future to benefit their customers’ end users, too.

LiquidPixels CEO Steve Kristy says the Artisans implementation stands out among fourteen years of his company’s e-commerce applications. “Artisans is using LiquiFire dynamic imaging to support products being customized with a very high level of artistic design and craftsmanship. I’m pleased to see our technology relieving, for them, exactly the kinds of business pressures we founded LiquidPixels to solve: freeing creative resources for high-value work, visualizing one-of-a-kind products online at the moment it’s required, and making internal processes both more efficient and more effective.”