LiquidPixels Joins UNT Global Digital Retailing Research Center

DALLAS, Texas, June 25, 2014 — The University of North Texas’ Global Digital Retailing Research Center (GDRRC), housed in the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism is pleased to announce LiquidPixels, based in New York, as a founding member of the GDRRC—the first interdisciplinary center in the U.S. with a complete focus on digital retailing as a research hub and resource for the industry. As a founding member, LiquidPixels will collaborate with faculty and other founding members to provide technology insights, updates on relevant career paths, and internship opportunities to ensure graduating students will have direct hands‑on experience in advanced technology solutions to effectively address the most demanding challenges facing the online retail industry today.

As a part of their membership engagement, LiquidPixels is offering students at UNT the opportunity to learn how to implement LiquidPixels LiquiFire dynamic imaging solutions and understand the value the technology brings to the retailer or business enterprise. For example, operational efficiency enabling quicker site updates, enhanced visual merchandising leading to higher conversion rates, and cross‑channel image delivery for the best mobile and responsive experiences. Graduating students will go into the online retail workforce with functional knowledge of on‑demand dynamic imaging and its benefits.

“We actually met the LiquidPixels team at the 2013 Annual Summit,” said Richard Last, Senior Director of GDRRC. “A group of our UNT students attending the event were curious about their technology and stopped by their booth to learn more. LiquidPixels was so impressed with our students’ knowledge of the online retail industry and enthusiasm for understanding leading edge technology, they contacted me to find out how they could get involved with our program. Not only is that a great call to get, but it is also a great endorsement for the quality of program we offer students interested in preparing for a career in current and trending digital retail solutions,” he concluded.

LiquidPixels, founded in 2000 by two veterans of the imaging industry, provides enterprise‑class dynamic imaging services to online retailers, web‑to‑print vendors, custom product manufacturers, and more. In fact, LiquiFire dynamic imaging is the most comprehensive online imaging toolkit on the market, delivering extraordinary interactive experiences across all devices. Customizing images on demand is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for online companies as they reach the limits of what can be achieved with traditional imaging. LiquidPixels believes that retail technology graduates should have the opportunity to enter the workforce prepared for this fundamental shift in Web methodology.

“The opportunity for connecting with the next generation of change agents for e‑commerce is what drew us to the Center,” said Margaret Collins, Director of Marketing, LiquidPixels. “We believe in the Center for its commitment to shared knowledge (not just with students, but across the industry) and wanted to demonstrate our support for the university’s ambitious goals by getting in on the ground floor. We think it’s important for technology providers to be at the table with retailers, especially as the line between online retail merchandising and technology continues to blur. We also believe students can teach us a lot about the best directions for potential growth: as digital natives with an explicit interest in retail, their expectations of and visions for the online shopping experience will help shape how this industry evolves.”

Founding Members have the unique opportunity to share insights, serve as thought leaders, and collaborate with fellow innovators to be the voice in the digital revolution transforming the economic and social fabric of the world around us. The strength of the program comes from the close collaboration between the GDRRC faculty and students and from the Founding Members. This interaction ensures the GDRRC works on solving problems that have a direct application within the retail and hospitality industry.