Personalized Product Previews in Magento Increase Sales

ROCHESTER, NY — PRWEB — AUGUST 26, 2014 — Online retailer Barrington Gifts needed to add hundreds of new fabric swatches for custom bags to its Magento e‑commerce store. Using traditional product photography to provide visualization for every product in every fabric was unrealistic. They also needed a way to preview monograms on leather and fabric. They approached their Magento certified developer, Denver-based Unleaded Group, for a solution. Founder and president Jarod Clark knew immediately what his team should use: dynamic imaging.

Clark had worked with LiquidPixels, the company that pioneered dynamic imaging in 2000, on previous projects. He knew that LiquidPixels LiquiFire® online imaging solutions would provide the real time customization and multi-device image delivery his client needed. LiquiFire offers automatic recolorization, fabric draping, and dynamic text capabilities. Frequently used to support online product configurators, Clark knew it could provide visualization for all of Barrington Gifts’ personalized products while integrating seamlessly into their Magento e‑commerce environment.

The retailer only needs to provide one high quality product image, reducing their photography and asset management costs. LiquiFire then resizes, colorizes, and applies fabric swatches to that single image to produce any variant at the moment it’s required. The dynamically generated images can be rendered on any device, at any pixel density ratio, to any browser.

Unleaded Group built custom-designed Magento category pages as well as individual product pages for Barrington Gifts’ personalized product lines. Online shoppers can see every product in any color or fabric available, as well as preview an engraved or embossed monogram.

The category pages provide a carefully curated e‑commerce experience: a shopper can choose her state’s team colors and then browse products with those colors already applied. Clicking on a product takes her to an individual product page with product customization options. Clark says, “We gave Barrington Gifts a way to extract personalization info in a creative way that’s fun and engaging. The custom product category pages really make them stand out in the Magento e‑commerce platform.”

Barrington Gifts has seen higher conversion rates on its personalized product pages since incorporating dynamic imaging, and has received positive feedback from customers. Nancy Clark, Unleaded Group partner and CFO, isn’t surprised. She recalls seeing LiquidPixels LiquiFire implemented for the first time: “I thought, This is stunning. It just wowed me. Anyone getting a custom-designed website understands the power of good online imaging, but this increases the appeal of the site exponentially.”