Real Time Inbox with LiquiFire OS

Dynamic images are not JUST for your website. With LiquiFire Operating System (OS) you can customize your images to create a more personal touch for your audience. Today, having personalized images in your emails can be the difference between whether a customer clicks through to your website or visits your competitors site.

With LiquidPixels Real Time Inbox, you can create customized chains that allow you to program automatic changes to your email images based on criteria you establish. What does that mean exactly? Use LiquidPixels Real Time Inbox to:

  • Edit image content after the email has been sent.
  • Send one email that translates into any language based on your recipients IP address.
  • Create mobile-ready resizing of your imagery.
  • Digest demographic information about your customers and cater your emails accordingly - in real time.

Real Time Inbox with LiquiFire OS

“The way we do dynamic imaging is inherently different from what the competition does. We spend a lot of energy really making sure that the data and instructions are separated from the content, so that you have the flexibility to do anything you want.” – Marc Spencer, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, LiquidPixels, Inc.

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