LiquiFire OS

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your website and email imagery, LiquidPixels has several options to ensure that you get the dynamic imaging services you need.

Whether with LiquiFire Hosted Service or, for those who prefer not to share, LiquiFire Imaging Server installed in your own datacenter, either delivery option can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Once you know how you want your solution delivered, you'll choose one of our software offerings that makes the most sense for you. LiquiFire OS Zap provides the essentials of Production Imaging such as automatic image resize, viewer capabilities through LiquiFire Viewer Suite, and reformatting of images for your market place. LiquiFire OS Blaze gives you the capabilities of Advanced Imaging features, which include the Production Imaging features of LiquiFire OS Zap, plus colorization, fabric draping, advanced typography, and much more.

How You Get LiquiFire OS

You basically have two options.

LiquiFire Hosted Service is a SaaS service backed by a service level agreement. With no up-front capital cost, the service is flexible and can deliver your image to any type of device, anywhere in the world.

LiquiFire Imaging Server is a custom-configured server optimized for high-speed image creation, manipulation, and delivery. It is designed to meet your capacity, performance, and fault-tolerance requirements while maintaining the flexibility to meet your growing imaging needs over time.

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